Monday, June 30, 2014

30 june 2014

just forgot to mention one last thing before i end 30 june 2014.... hahaha...

yesterday john was saying something that he can actually accept HDB houses which make me pretty happy!! because i wanted to have a own house, own walk-in wardrobe... and design another concept of house again... my mom house, which i am currently roofing at, we just did renovation and i was pretty much pleased with the outcome... from choosing on floor tiles to fitting etc... and funitures... and i must say that a house cannot have too much colors... max 3-4 colors.. otherwise the whole house look very small and messy and like very frustrated....

anyhow, i want my future house to have a balcony... ^.^ i hope hdb build some premium houses that have balcony.... hehe... finally.... he has given up on freehold and condos.... hahah

updates of 2014

half way through 2014, was pretty a good one till date. I literally enjoyed every single day of my life, probably it was going through the best so far... :)

so here are some of the things that are going to be accomplished or already did in 2014...

- travelling with my girlfriends
- completing my studies... YAY!!
- becoming MRS Worrall... :) finally in sept 2014
- preparations for solemnization & actual day wedding...
- after completing my studies, it is time to continue with my driving classes..... for the longest time.. john doesn't want to drive me around being an ahmad. he hates it.
- need to save money as much as possible... cutting down on those unncessary stuffs
- need to lose weight at least 5KG!!! oh no..... it's already Jul!! determination!!
- i need to get a pair of shoes for my rom and AD wedding... m aiming at Jimmy Choo ones...
- got my dior tribal earrings, it was lovely... and i super love it!!

lastly, i hope i can travel to a country where john and i haven't been to, to enjoy together... we have been pretty much travelling to brisbane, phuket, batam and malaysia only..... and that's what i m looking forward the most... not brisbane or phuket anymore!! hope it is japan or korea... or EU.. lolololol....

anyhow, i have been out of job for the past 1 month and i am pretty much energized now... except that i am getting lazy... but fret not... i am starting my new job tomorrow and i can't wait to discover the new me in this new job role... love it...


thank you for blessing me and my loved ones... xx

Sunday, September 22, 2013

time flies

while john is still away for biz trip, i shall make full use to update about what i did and experience for the past.... 7 months? to sum up in a blog post... but i guess, it will be tomorrow? haha.. it's 6.05pm here now, i guess, i will skip and continue tomorrow.. :)